At Howard Printing, our business philosophy has always emphasized personal attention and friendly service — that’s in addition to the usual and customary expectations of top quality, competitive pricing, accuracy, and timeliness.

We recognize that in today’s global marketplace, you have many options and we appreciate when you choose to work with us. We do our best to impress you with not only the quality of our product, but the quality of our service, as well. And we never forget that it is because of you that we are here.

Variety of Clients and Products

Our clients represent a range of industries, including education, manufacturing, banking, hospital services, insurance, real estate, the arts, communications, children’s programs, town services, utilities, and more.

We can produce just about any publication you might need, from brochures and flyers, to newsletters, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, forms, booklets, viewbooks, small posters . . . you name it. If we ever feel a job is out of our range, we tell you rather than produce a product that doesn’t meet our standards or fit your needs.

Advice and Assistance Along the Way

Conferece Room

From start to finish, we are happy to help you with any project. Bring in your ideas early to discuss how they will best translate to print. We can offer expert advice on paper and ink selections, and have plenty of samples for your perusal in our conference room.

We also keep a running portfolio display in our conference room, where you can check out the range and quality of our work (and see what others are doing to perhaps generate new ideas for your own future projects!). Visit our portfolio page to see some samples online.

We have expanded our capabilities along the way, which you can read more about on our Design webpage and our Print webpage. Also, check out our bindery and finishing services.

If you’re ready to request an estimate or to submit a job request, we have online forms you can submit any time for quick and convenient service. We also offer an online File Upload service for easy transfer of your job files to us.

Personal Attention and Friendly Service

Throughout the whole process, from concept development to delivery of the final product, we emphasize personal attention and friendly service. (Did we mention that already?!) It is important to all of us here at Howard Printing to establish strong relationships with our clients so that you will want to do business with us again and again, and may come to think of us as an extension of your office.