Paper Choices

Over the years, our clients have presented various scenarios to us describing the job they would like to print, asking us to recommend some paper options — for instance, a nice paper that may be a little more costly or an adequate paper that would be a little more cost-effective. Also, many clients are looking for “greener” alternatives and want to know more recycled content.

We have outlined below some paper options that may help in your decision-making process. You will see that we have organized the information under the categories of Uncoated, Coated, and Miscellaneous . Most have matching envelopes available. Many are available in both text & cover weights.

Please Note:
The availability of items in a product line or sometimes the entire product line varies day to day. So this outline is intended to be a guide and starting point for discussion. We are happy to work closely with you to investigate and select a paper that will optimize the quality of your final product while still meeting your budget and other requirements. Please contact us to discuss availability and options.

Uncoated Stock

Recycled Notes
Cougar 10% 98 Brightness: White & Natural. Super smooth, smooth & vellum finishes.
Environment 30% Mesa White, Tortilla, Ultra Bright White, White.
Environment 100% PC 100 Natural, PC 100 White.
100% Green Energy
Accent Opaque No 97 Brightness: White, Warm White. Vellum & Smooth finishes.
Accent RE-30 30% 95 Bright: White, Warm White. Vellum & Smooth finishes.
Finch Fine 10%
98 Brightness: Bright White, Vanilla & Soft White. Smooth & Ultra Smooth finishes.
Finch Opaque 10% 96 Brightness: Bright White & Vanilla. Smooth & Vellum finishes.
Mohawk Brite Hue Selection of
Variety of colors: 20# text, 60# text, or 65# cover only; often requires full cartons.
Mohawk Options 100% White, Cool White, Cream White. Smooth, Vellum & Navajo Smooth finishes.
Mohawk Via 30% Smooth, Linen, Felt & Vellum, Satin & Laid finishes; everything but Pure White available.
Mohawk Via 100% PC 100 Cool White: Smooth, Linen, Felt, Vellum finishes.
Monadnock Paper Mills 100% Astrolight PC100, 97 Brightness.
Monadnock Paper Mills No Astrolight, 98 Brightness.
Neenah Astrobright 30% Many bright colors available.
Neenah Classic Crest Some 30%
Some 100%
Cool & Warm Neutrals & accent colors available.
Neenah Classic Laid Some 30%
Some 100%
Textured: less expensive than linen. Creams, Whites & some colors available. Mostly available only in full cartons.
Neenah Classic Linen Some 30%
Some 100%
Textured, more woven, more expensive than laid. Creams, Whites & some colors available. Mostly available only in full cartons.
Neenah Classic Environment Some 30%
Some 100%
Whites, Midtones & rich natural colors.
May require even (full) cartons
New Leaf 100% Mill direct, even (full) cartons only, plus shipping fees; stocks include Reincarnation, Primavera, Sakura 100, Everest. Imagination and Opaque.
Soperset Opaque No 97 Brightness: good value, popular, acid free, inexpensive.
Rolland Opaque 30% 96 Brightness: Nice option for rack cards, postcards, newsletters, brochures, inserts.
Rolland Enviro 100 Some 30%
Some 100%
88 Brightness: good for forms, mass mailings, newspaper inserts
Springhill Colors Some 30%
Some 100%
Variety of colors: bond, offset and covers available; everyday paper; inexpensive.
25% Cotton Strathmore Writing 30% 99 Brightness: Bright White, Soft Gray, Soft Blue, Cream.
Strathmore Script 30% 99 Brightness: Whites, Light Greens, Blues & Creams.
Coated Stock

Recycled Notes
Chorus Art 30% 90 Brightness: Cover and Text weight options, Silk & Gloss coatings.
Kromekote 30% Available in C1S & C2S. Use for coated one side (C1S); good for postcards. Cast Coated.
New Page Anthem 10% 88 Brightness: Cover and Text, Matte & Gloss coatings available.
Sappi Galerie Art 30% 92 Brightness: Cover and Text weight options, Silk & Gloss coatings available.
Sappi Flo 10% 88 Brightness: good value; popular; gloss, dull & matte coating available. Cover & Text weight options.
Stora Enso Futura 96 Brightness: Matte, Dull & Gloss coatings available in Cover and Text weight options.
Tango No 92 Brightness: Available in C1S & C2S. Coated One Side (C1S); good for postcards; less expensive than Kromekote.


Miscellaneous Stock

Recycled Notes
MacTac Starliner Self-Adhesive Labels 30% Acid free; pressure sensitive; permanent; vellum finish; 70# white; 89 brightness; sheets instead of roll.
MacTac Crack-N-Peel Labels No White: Coated & Uncoated
Colors: Flourescent and others Also available as 100% opaque “Block Out” labels.
NCR (carbonless) Forms 30% Recyclable; popular choice for invoices, receipts, delivery slips, etc.
Neenah Astroparche 30% Subtle color palette parchment papers
Neenah Translucents No Available in Radient White, White Oxford, Columns & Pearlized.