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File Package Instructions - Howard Printing Inc

File Package Instructions

Here are six easy steps to send us your job files.

(1) Create a folder on your computer desktop with the name of your job.

(2) Gather all of the items that go with your job and copy them into the folder — the original file you created, the fonts you used, the graphic images you included, and a PDF, if possible, for us to see the formatted file exactly as you see the formatted file.

(3) If you are on a Mac: control-click or right-click on the folder and select the option that says “Compress” folder. If you are using Windows: right-click on the folder and select the zip option.
It will appear on your desktop as a “.zip” folder.

(4) Use the “Select” button to locate and select your designated file(s) / folder(s). Or drag and drop the file(s)/folder(s) in the upload area.

(5) Click the “Upload File” button to start uploading your file(s) to our server.

(6) You will be able to see the progress of your upload. It will turn green and say “Uploaded Successfully” when finished. (The time length may vary depending on the size of your file and your connection speed.) Do not close your browser window until you see that your upload is complete.

If your file fails to upload, it could be because it is too large or our server happens to be full. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

If you can’t zip your items in a folder — or if the zipped file is too large (over 2G) — you can always upload them one by one, which will take a little longer, but will still work!