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For easy reference, here is an index of our newsletter articles by topic and title:


HPI Earns Top Awards in Print Competition and Unenveloped Mailpieces
New USPS Rules Take Effect Soon for Folded Self-Mailers and Unenveloped Mailpieces
HPI Earns Four 2nd-Place and Two 3rd-Place Awards in Print Competition
HPI Wins Six Awards in New England Print Competition
HPI Meets Safety Regulations for Children's Printed Materials
HPI Wins Four Awards in Print Competition
Customers are the Answer
USPS Changes Tabbing Standards
One of the Latest Industry Buzzwords: TransPromo
HPI Earns Multiple Awards in Print Competition
HPI Publishes Vermont Coloring Book, Prepares to Launch Second One
HPI Earns First & Second Place Awards


More "Down to Earth" Ideas to Share
Why Print is a "Responsible" Choice (by Margie Dana)
HPI is Now an FSC-Certified Printer
Some "Down to Earth" Ideas to Share
HPI Joins Renewable Energy Program
Bio-Renewable Ink Helps to Minimize Environmental Impact
More “Green” Paper Options to Consider
Green Up Your Mailing List
Following the Recycled Paper Trail
Turn Over a "New Leaf"
Chlorine-Free Paper is Becoming More Common
“Greener” Options Now Available for Coated Stock


Three Easy-to-Avoid Prepress Problems
Managing Swatches in Four-Color Designs
Check Out These Design Tips for Projects with Envelopes
Sizing Tips for Your Trifold Panels
Check Out These Tips for Trouble-Free PDFs
Add Color, Not Cost to Your Design
Six Easy Steps to Add Spot Colors to Your Palette
Four Easy Ways to “Talk the Talk” with Designers
JPGs Can Save Worry, Time, Space, and Money
What Are File Extensions and Why Do They Matter?
Why Does My Project Look Different on Press Than on My Monitor?
Properly Prepping Files Can Minimize Delays


Print Buyers Love Printers Who . . . (by Margie Dana)
Ensure Postal Discounts By Using Correct Tabs
USPS Delays New IMb Requirements
Online Resources to Inspire and Guide You
Take a Look at Three New Paper Options
Business Tips for Twitter and Facebook
Advice for Avoiding the Pitfalls of Proofing
Jumpstart Your Next Copywriting Project
Five Easy Ways to “Talk the Talk” with Printers
HPI Adds New Service: Digital Printing!
Consider These Tips for Choosing the Best Paper and Ink Combination
Folding Dummies Can Be A Project Saver


USPS Offers Summer Savings on Mailings with QR Codes
Six Simple Rules for QR Codes (by John Parsons)
Connect Print to Web with a QR Code: It’s Free, Fast, and Effective
Ways to Save Money on Your Print Jobs (by Margie Dana)
Keep Paper Grain in Mind for Digital Printing Jobs
“Color Builds” Can Save Ink and Plates on Press
What is the Color Bar on My Proof?
What is a Press Check and When is It Needed
A Walk Through the Offset Printing Process
When is Digital Printing the Better Choice for My Project?
Achieve More “Color” While Saving Money with Spot Screens
Ganging Up Jobs Can Save Dollars

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Howard Printing, Inc., of Brattleboro, Vermont, is a full-service commercial printing company providing offset
and digital printing, wide-format printing, graphic design, computer-to-plate prepress technology,
variable data printing, mailing services, and bindery and finishing services. Howard Printing is also the publisher
of the New England Showcase real estate magazine and two Vermont coloring books.

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