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Wide Format

Let us help you with all your wide-format printing needs!

• Point-of-Purchase (POP) Signage • Static-Cling Window Signs
• Trade Show Graphics • Lobby Graphics
• Menu Boards • Event Posters • Foamcore Posters
• Retractable Banners (Floor Size and Tabletop Size)
• Vinyl Banners • Outdoor Signs • Lawn Signs
• A-Frame "Sandwich Board" Sidewalk Signs

We can help you design your project from scratch or set your print-ready files in a timely fashion. Our wide-format printer can produce images up to 60" in width, and we will make sure your final product is trimmed, mounted, and finished to perfection. We do our part to stay green by utilizing UV-curable inks with refillable cartridges, and print on recyclable Smart-X foam boards made from post-consumable materials.

We can print on heavy poster paper, prepare grommeted vinyl banners, supply portable retractable banners, and just about anything you might need for a short- or long-term display. Window clings work amazingly for making your storefront pop without losing light or visibility. Our equipment can also produce rigid signs including foamcore, styrene, coroplast, and metal, which are great for lawn signs, long-term outdoor signs, and/or indoor wall or easel signs.

Throughout the whole process, from concept development to delivery of the final product, we emphasize personal attention and friendly service. It is important to all of us here at Howard Printing to establish strong relationships with our clients so that you will delight in doing business with us again and again, and may come to think of us as an extension of your office.



Wide Format Materials

We offer a wide variety of materials
for all your printing solutions:

Heavy Poster Paper
Foamcore or Gatorboard
Coroplast or PVC
Adhesive vinyl
Vinyl banner and Retractable Floor & Table Banners
Static/Perforated Window Cling
Backlit film (Duratran)

Care Instructions

NEVER Use bleach or ammonia-based cleaning products on your signs. This will cause permanent damage to printed materials. Always store your materials in a cool dry place when not in use.

Poster paper and retractable banners
Dust with dry cloth regularly. Spot clean with a slightly damp cloth as needed.

Foamcore and Gatorboard Signs
Dust with dry cloth or wipe with slightly damp cloth to remove smudges. A white plastic eraser may help with small marks. If possible, use cardboard corner protectors and store flat when not in use to prevent bends, cracks, or dinged corners.

Coroplast, PVC, and metal signage
Wipe with damp cloth, use mild soap as needed. Store flat if possible, especially for coroplast
to prevent creasing.

Vinyl Banners
Clean with damp cloth, mild detergent soap if needed. Roll up signs and store standing up when not in use. Do not fold up or lay flat.

Static and Perforated Window Clings
Wipe with a damp cloth. If outdoors, avoid pressure washering. To remove, gently peel from the top down, then remove any leftover adhesive with soapy water and a razor blade.

Wall Decals
Gently wipe with a damp cloth, making sure not to saturate the adhesive side with water. You can carefully remove and store decals when not in use. Store at room temperature with low humidity. Do not roll too tightly or stack heavy objects on top to avoid creasing and tearing.


General Questions:

Q: Can I provide my own file?
A: Yes, please do! You can submit files via FTP or bring it in on a jump drive. We'll make sure your
files are ready for printing. If we have any issues, we'll contact you.

Q: Can I print my sign in full color?
A: Yes, we print all materials 4-color, so you can us as much or as little color as you wish.

Q: Is there a minimum/maximum size for signs?
A: Sizing depends on what material you're printing, so we'll let you know if the size you have in mind
will work! We do offer some templates to get you started if you're not sure.

Q: Can you print double sided?
A: We can add a back to your sign using adhesive vinyl, making it double-sided. We do not print
double-sided directly with our printer at this time. We also have solutions to make a double-sided
poster, plastic sign, or even a vinyl banner if necessary!

Q: Can I order custom shapes (die cuts)?
A: Sorry, but we do not print or cut custom shapes at this time.

Q: Is any of this green/recyclable?
A: Our SmartX foam boards are made with post-consumer material and are recyclable. Many of our
other materials are not directly recyclable, but can be reused.

Q: How do I clean/maintain my signs?
A: Check out our maintenance list for tips on keeping your signs in good shape!

Q: Can you print auto graphics/wraps?
A: Sorry, we do not produce graphics for auto vehicles.

Vinyl banners:

Q: What is vinyl banner?
A: Vinyl banners are a great way to promote your business or event, indoors or outdoors. We use a
calendared vinyl with a matte finish that's durable and long-lasting.

Q: Can you add seams and/or grommets?
A: Yes! We can finish your banner so it lasts longer and is ready to hang.

Q: How big/small can you print a banner?
A: The smallest size is 11×17. Largest can be up to 12 feet long. We have templates you can choose
from if you're not sure where to start! We can also set up your banner to hang horizontally or vertically.

Q: Are these recommended for indoors or outdoors?
A: Both! Vinyl banners are great for indoor events as wall hangings or table signs, and outdoor for
storefronts, fences, and tents. Vinyl signs handle well with fluctuating temperatures and stand up well
to wind. They are also waterproof and fade resistant for up to 2 years depending on exposure and

Q: How do I hang my vinyl sign? How do I maintain them?
A: You can use the grommets to zip-tie or bungee your sign to a tent, table, or poles. You can also use
screws or nails to attach to wood or concrete walls, posts or fencing. For basic care, check our
maintenance page for info on cleaning and storage.

Poster paper:

Q: What size posters can you print?
A: We can print any size you need- from 8.5×11 flyers to 24×36 posters.

Q: Can I print a large amount of posters for my event?
A: Absolutely! We have room to print a large series of posters as needed. We can prepare up to 50
copies with our current setup, depending on the size.

Q: How should I store my posters when not in use?
A: be sure to store your posters in a flat file or rolled in a tube when not in use.

Q: How lightfast are my posters?
A: Our posters are printed with UV cured ink, so they will stay vibrant for a long time. They may fade
faster if displayed in direct sunlight for a long period of time.

Q: Can I frame my posters?
A: Yes, we can make sure your file is set up to print and fit whatever frame size you need.

Retractable banners:

Q: What's a retractable banner and why would I need one?
A: These banners are awesome for events, shows, conventions, or just to add some pop to your
business! These indoor banners set up quick, are lightweight, portable, and come as a large floor
stand model or smaller tabletop signs.

Q: How easy are they to set up? Are they really that portable?
A: Our banners come in a carrying case for easy toting and storage. To set up, all you have to do is
pull the banner up and clip it to a rod (like an upside down version of a projection screen.) Very easy!

Q: What are these banners printed on?
A: We use a satin finish fabric that's very lightweight but durable. It's semi-transparent but your image
will stand out vividly!

Q: Can I swap out the image?
A: Sure! You keep the canister, and we can print out new banners as needed. We'll help you replace
them and make sure you're all set up!

Q: What sizes do you have?
A: Right now, the size we have for our floor stand banners is 33.5" wide by 85.7" tall. We can special
order a canister that is approximately size you need for floor or tabletop signage.

Q: What is the life span for retractable banners?
A: If stored and used correctly, they should last a long time. Remember, indoor use only, as they are
lightweight, and be sure to retract the banner into canister and store in the case when not in use.

Foam Board signs:

Q: What can I use foam boards for?
A: Foam or gator boards are best for small temporary projects, as the material is delicate and can
crease or ding easily. It is very lightweight and works well for easels or hanging signs.

Q: What is Smart-X? Is it like foam or gator board?
A: Smart-X is a lightweight, all-plastic sheet material made with 100% polystyrene. It's sturdy but
lightweight, ideal for display signage that is temporary or long term. Because Smart-X is a pressed
solid material, it's tougher than foam or even gator boards, which has paper surfaces with a foam
core. Foam/gatorboard signs are good for temporary displays, smart-x is best for longer use. Great for
exhibition signage, retail displays, even framable wall art!

Q: Are any of these materials green/recyclable?
A: Smart-X is 100% recyclable, Foamcore and gatorboard can be reused but not recyclable.

Q: Is it weather safe?
A: Foam/gator boards are not. Smart-X is weather resistant, but we wouldn't recommend for long term

PVC signs:

Q: What is PVC? What is it made of?
A: PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, which is used in many common products, and for us this means
rigid plastic signs that are tough and weather safe. They have a matte finish and will last years with
proper maintenance.

Q: Good for indoors or outdoors?
A: Both, actually. Excellent for outdoor signage, and works well for indoor signs and displays.
Excellent for A-frame sidewalk signs.

Q: What is the life span? Will they fade/scratch/bend?
A: With proper care, they should last you a long time! Be sure to clean regularly, especially if
displayed outside. Store flat when not in use. Scratching and fading can happen, so be sure to hang
your signs out of direct sunlight and refrain from excessive handling if possible. Check our
maintenance list for more tips!

Q: How do I display my sign? Can you drill holes in the corners?
A: We can drill holes for you so you can mount your signs to walls, or hang using bungees, chain, or
string. We also have double-sided tape or velcro for sidewalk signs.

Coroplast signs:

Q: What is coroplast? What are flutes?
A: Most yard signs are made with a polypropylene plastic called coroplast, or corrugated plastic.
(Think corrugated cardboard, only long lasting!) The fluting is the corrugation that attaches the 2
sheets to make this durable and weather-safe material. They also provide the space you need to
attach wire stakes or H-frames.

Q: Do you provide lawn stakes?
A: Yes, we do! Just let us know if you need them. We can recycle your old stakes as well!

Q: Can my signs be double-sided?
A: Yes, but we do not print the second side directly to the coroplast. We'll print on an adhesive vinyl to
finish the backs. This is a waterproof solution that's seamless, we guarantee it!

Q: Can you add velcro?
A: If you're not making yard signs, coroplast is great for indoor or outdoor temporary signage. You can
use double-sided tape or velcro to attach your signs to walls, A-frame sidewalk signs, or your food

Q: What's the life span?
A: Coroplast is durable and weather safe, but can easily bend if not stored properly. Recommended
for short term use. Check our maintenance guide for proper cleaning and storage!

Static Cling:

Q: What is it made of? Is it similar to vinyl decals?
A: Static cling is a vinyl material that is non-adhesive and good for temporary applications, unlike vinyl
decals, which are semi-permanent and has an adhesive. Clings are a great solution for temporary
graphics for windows, doors, coolers, and mirrors.

Q: Can clings be used only on glass surfaces?
A: Static cling acts like a suction cup, so you can also try non-porous surfaces like plastic or metal.
You can test different surfaces to see if it works!

Q: Are clings good for indoor or outdoor use?
A: You can use your static clings on the outside of windows, but weather will affect the longevity.
Clings can fade or peel off over time, so be sure to apply them carefully! Check our maintenance list
for tips on applying your static clings. It can stick to itself, so store flat between paper or cardboard!

Q: Is it really removable and repositional?
A: Yup, static cling is more forgiving than decals, as you can simply peel-and-stick to your surface,
smoothing out air bubbles by re-peeling sections back and re-sticking. But be careful not to pull or
stretch your graphic, as it could warp. Extreme temperatures can limit the lifespan of your clings as

Perforated Window Cling:

Q: What is perforated window cling (window perf)?
A: Perforated vinyl window clings are a unique way to dress up your storefront! Window perf appears
opaque from the outside, but allows visibility from the inside. With specially-designed micro punctures
on over 50% of the film, you achieve a one-way appearance that really pops. Plus you gain sun shade
and privacy while promoting your business!

Q: Is this repositional like static cling? Will it cause window damage?
A: Unfortunately, window perf is not repositional, as is it is for one time use. It is, however, fairly easy
to install and even easier to remove. Removal will cause no damage to glass if installed correctly.
Check our installation guide for details on window perf.

Q: Can I use this on other surfaces? Can it be installed on the inside of windows?
A: Since window perf has a semi-adhesive, it will stick to most non-porous surfaces. But it's main
function is for outside window display.

Q: How big or small can I print on window perf?
A: We can print any size you need to fill your window or create smaller signage. However we
recommend window perf for larger images. Window perf is recommended for large graphics and type,
not recommend for small detailed images or small print.

Q: What is the life span of this material?
A: Constant exposure to the elements will decrease the lifespan of your decal, however, you should
be able to get a year out of it with proper care.

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Howard Printing, Inc., of Brattleboro, Vermont, is a full-service commercial printing company providing offset
and digital printing, wide-format printing, graphic design, computer-to-plate prepress technology,
variable data printing, mailing services, and bindery and finishing services. Howard Printing is also the publisher
of the New England Showcase real estate magazine and two Vermont coloring books.

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