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Volume 5, No. 1 ~ Spring 2012
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HPI Earns Top Awards in Print Competition
and Unenveloped Mailpieces

Howard Printing won top awards in the 2011 New England Regional “Awards of Excellence” Print Competition, presented by the Printing Industries of New England (PINE).

Brattleboro Retreat

Three first-place “Pinnacle” awards were earned for the 2010 Annual Report for the Brattleboro Retreat, the 2010 Annual Report for Morningside Shelter in Brattleboro and a brochure for Peer Associates in Richmond, Vermont.

A second-place “Award of Recognition” was presented for a brochure for The Hermitage Inn in Wilmington. Two third-place “Awards of Merit” were earned for an Admissions Visit postcard for Bennington College and a 2011 Workshop booklet for the Southern Vermont Arts Center in Manchester.

Morningside Shelter "On Campus" Newsletter

The Brattleboro Retreat’s Annual Report was designed by Kim Canon of The Communicators Group in Keene, NH. Morningside Shelter’s Annual Report was designed by Robert Peak. The Peer Associates brochure was designed by Michael Havey of Yasvin Designers in Hancock, NH. 

Brattleboro Retreat

The Hermitage Inn brochure was designed by Howard Printing’s graphic designer Ben Briggs. The Bennington College postcard was designed by graphic designer Sue Huggins. The Southern Vermont Arts Center’s 2011 Workshop booklet was designed by Laurie Musick Wright of LMW Design in Rutland.

“We are extremely pleased to have our work and our clients recognized by our peers in the graphics industry,” says Howard Printing founder and president Greg Howard. 

The competition attracted more than 200 entries from 30 printing and imaging companies in New England. Each entry was judged anonymously on its own merit in a category with similarly printed pieces by a panel of non-New England printing experts. The judging criteria focused on technical quality and print execution, including: registration, clarity and neatness, sharpness of halftones and line drawings, richness and tonal qualities of color, paper and ink selection, ink coverage, difficulty of printing, effective contrast or softness, and overall visual impact and bindery.

Established in 1887, PINE serves more than 360 printing and graphic communications companies throughout New England. The Association is affiliated with the world’s largest graphic arts trade association, Printing Industries of America.



USPS Offers Summer Savings on Mailings with QR Codes

USPS Offers Summer Savings on Mailings with QR Codes

Are you thinking about doing any direct-mail campaigns in the near future? 

You might want to schedule those mailings for July or August, when you can take advantage of a special savings deal from the U.S. Postal Service.

For the second consecutive year, the USPS is offering a discounted postage rate for First-Class or Standard-Class mailpieces featuring a Quick Responses (QR) code and an Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb).

To be eligible for the two-percent discount, the mailpieces must be machinable letters, cards or flats with the QR code and IMb displayed visibly for scanning.

One caveat to keep in mind this year . . . the QR code must link to either a mobilized or personalized webpage (PURL).

To learn more about the 2011 Mobile Barcode Promotion, visit USPS online.

We would be happy to help you create your QR code and IMb. To learn more about QR codes, scan the QR code above to visit this page on our website



Print Buyers Love
Printers Who . . .

By Margie Dana

Margie Dana is a writer, speaker, consultant and event producer, and the
founder of Print Buyers International. This is one of her weekly "Print Tips" columns that she published on September 3, 2011. You can find this and other Print Tips on her website at: www.printbuyersinternational.com. Please subscribe to "Margie's Print Tips" on her website, and get a new column every Monday!

I thought I’d list some of the reasons why print buyers love their printers. Consider it a public shout out to the printing industry, courtesy of print buyers everywhere.

Print buyers love printers who…

  • Deliver what they promise
  • Have their backs
  • Respond to phone calls or emails quickly
  • Move mountains to get priority jobs done
  • Share articles & industry news that are relevant
  • Make them look good to their boss
  • Bring fresh ideas to them
  • Recommend ways to do jobs more efficiently
  • Are by their side on press OKs
  • Work with them to solve problems
  • Treat them like they’re the only customer in the world
  • Are confident in themselves and in their company’s abilities
  • Consistently add to their knowledge base
  • Act professionally
  • Are people of integrity
  • Are totally trustworthy
  • Don’t badmouth the competition
  • Listen
  • Are willing to accept responsibility
  • Work hard to fix something that’s gone wrong
  • Take the time to get to know their company
  • Say thanks for the business
  • Give them a heads up about pending changes in technology
  • Follow up to RFPs
  • Touch base after jobs are delivered to see that everything went well
  • Can be counted on
  • Deliver consistent quality
  • Know how to communicate
  • Introduce them to other professionals to network with
  • Make it fun doing business with them

    Thinking back to the many terrific print reps with whom I worked over the years, thank you and all of the other stellar reps out there. You do your industry proud.

©2011 Margie Dana. Reprinted with permission.

Three Easy-to-Avoid Prepress Problems

Three of the most common — and easy-to-avoid — prepress problems that can bring your print job to a halt revolve around
(1) fonts, (2) bleeds, and (3) images.

Fonts are typically the most problematic issue — they can be missing, they can be a mix of Postscript and TrueType, they can be incomplete if both the screen and print fonts are not present. Another font dilemma can be caused if you stylize a font (e.g., Optima) to be “bold” from the Style Menu rather than actually selecting the font file “Optima Bold” (assuming you have the actual font file). Many fonts and versions of the same font exist in the world. The best way to ensure that we have the right font for your print job is to include the actual font you used to create the job when you submit your artwork to us. (Ask us for tips on “packaging” your art files.)

Bleeds are a typical but easy enough prepress error to resolve. A bleed occurs when an image, block of color, or other graphic element appears to run off the edge of the sheet. To achieve this look, the job is actually printed on an oversized press sheet that is then trimmed to the final size. “Pulling the bleed” — or extending the artwork by 1/8 inch (.125) beyond where it will be trimmed — is often overlooked by the designer before the artwork is submitted for press. When you open a new document in InDesign, you can designate the bleed amount (.125 inches) in the same Document Setup window where you indicate page size, columns, and margins.

Images can be problematic if they are low-resolution, defined as RGB, or just plain missing. To keep images from going MIA when you submit your artwork, be sure to submit your images as separate linked files (rather than embedded in the artwork) and in TIF, JPG, or EPS format. (Again, ask us for tips on “packaging” your art files.) The images must also be defined as CMYK or spot color, rather than RGB (the mode of color that displays on monitors and TV screens, but not on paper). For best print quality, image resolution should be 300 dots per inch or higher to keep the photo from appearing blurry or pixilated when printed.

If you have any questions or concerns about how your artwork will translate to print (or about any of this “printer jargon”), please don’t hesitate to contact us!

More "Down to Earth" Ideas to Share

In the past, we’ve brought to your attention a good resource to help sort through and understand some of the latest environmental issues and trends.

Down to Earth is an ongoing series of educational brochures focusing on environmental topics, such as paper sourcing, recyclability, carbon footprint,
and certification labels.

A recent brochure is entitled, “Where is all the e-waste going?” It describes, for example, the increasing rate of e-waste, what urban mining is, and how we can improve e-waste recycling.

Another brochure focuses on the topic, “How does using more paper lead to more trees?” and raises interesting discussion points about forest ownership, land management, renewable resources, and knowing what questions to ask.

Published by International Paper, the brochures are concise and well sourced. As statistics change, International Paper updates the material to keep it current and useful.

Founded in 1898, International Paper is a global paper and packaging company with headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee.

The Down to Earth brochures are available in both print and PDF format. For more information, please visit Down2EarthOnline.com.

Test Your Knowledge!

This quarter’s trivia question is:

What is the world’s second-largest traded commodity?

Please submit your answer via email (info@howardprintinginc.com) or fax (802-257-1453). The first 25 correct submissions we receive by May 31, 2012, will be entered into a drawing for one $25 prize. The prize is a gift certificate to Mocha Joe’s of Brattleboro, VT, and online at mochajoes.com.

Answer to last quarter’s trivia question:The first advertising slogan attributed to Apple Inc., co-founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, was “Byte into an Apple.”

Please note: Limit one submission per customer. May not be combined with any other discounts/offers. Maximum value of this offer is $25. No cash value; no cash or credit back. Other restrictions may apply.

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Howard Printing, Inc., of Brattleboro, Vermont, is a full-service commercial printing company providing offset
and digital printing, wide-format printing, graphic design, computer-to-plate prepress technology,
variable data printing, mailing services, and bindery and finishing services. Howard Printing is also the publisher
of the New England Showcase real estate magazine and two Vermont coloring books.

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