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Volume 3, No. 3 ~ Fall 2010
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HPI Wins Six Awards in New England Print Competition

Shortly before going to press with this newsletter, HPI learned that we have won six awards in the annual New England Regional Awards of Excellence Competition, presented by the Printing Industries of New England (PINE).

We won’t know until later in November (after the PINE gala) whether the awards are first (Pinnacle), second (Recognition), or third place (Merit), but we can at least share with you which projects caught the judges’ attention. (Please watch for the next edition of our newsletter to learn more details about the awards.)

• The “Raise Your Game” brochure for the Mount Snow Golf School/Communicators Group

• The “Met Opera HD” Live invitation/program postcard for The Sterling & Francine Clark Art Institute

• The Whole Terrain soft-cover book for Antioch University New England

• The “You = 36% of Bennington” brochure for Bennington College

• The “Boston Warehouse” catalog for the Boston Warehouse Trading Corporation/Silver Direct

• The On Campus newsletter for Williams College

Each entry was judged anonymously on its own merit in a category with similarly printed pieces by a panel of three non-New England printing experts. The judging criteria include technical quality, print execution and overall visual impact.

PINE is a 120-year-old trade association serving more than 360 printing and graphic communications companies throughout New England. The Association is affiliated with the world’s largest graphic arts trade association, Printing Industries of America.

Ways to Save Money on Your Print Jobs

By Margie Dana
Margie Dana Print Buyers International
Margie Dana is well known throughout the printing and buying community as an independent marketing specialist who focuses on improving the printer-buyer relationship. She’s the founder of Print Buyers International as well as Boston Print Buyers. This is an excerpt from an article that appeared on her website on February 23, 2009. You can find the full article, plus other archived articles, at: www.printbuyersinternational.com.

If buying print for your company is a brand new responsibility for you, you’re probably shell shocked. Who can blame you! You’re thinking, “Where do I go? Who can I trust? How do I know how much printing costs?”

Relax. We were all there once. I’ve put together some tips to help you s-t-r-e-t-c-h your printing dollars. Knowing some rules-of-thumb will definitely save you money. It’s a recession, so these tips are even more important.

Today, let’s just focus on paper. Did you know that paper accounts for one third to even one half of the cost of your print job? Choose your paper wisely and know why size does matter. Check it out . . .

• Stick to multiples of 8½ x 11. That’s the standard size. Stray too much from a multiple of this size, and you could pay more.

• Use a printer’s house sheet. Printers stock several types of paper in their plant, and using what they have on hand often saves you dough.

• Reduce the weight of your paper (heavier = pricier).

• Consolidate jobs. By planning ahead, you can print multiple jobs on the same sheet of paper. This is called ganging.

• Go digital. Digital printing lets you print exactly what you need – even one copy! Most printers today have digital equipment or they work with another printer who does.

• Reduce page counts.

• Avoid bleeds. That’s when the ink “bleeds” all the way to the edge of the sheet. The printer has to print the job and then trim off the edges to create that bleed. Can cost you more.

• Change your sheet (go to a lower quality of paper).

• Know where the price breaks are. The more paper you buy, the better your pricing.

• Don’t be so picky. Ask your printer what paper he has available/running when your job will print. You’ll avoid makeready, and save.

• Know that broken cartons will cost you more. If you’re ordering a special sheet and only need a small amount, the printer has to “break a carton” to run your job. You’ll pay extra, since the printer has to purchase that special sheet (in a carton) just for you.

Always talk about paper with your printer when you’re planning your job. Let him or her guide you. Please have an open mind and listen to your printer’s ideas. Together, you can create magnificent work.

Reprinted with permission from the author.


Online Resources to Inspire and Guide You

Whether or not you’ve jumped on the social media train, you can reap the benefits of Howard Printing’s “tweets” and postings on Twitter and Facebook. The pages are open to the public, so you don’t need to log in to view the variety of resources we’ve collected with you in mind.

We keep an eye out for online articles, tips, and resources related to printing, design, paper, “green” efforts, social media, small business development, and other areas of possible interest to our clients. After reading through the multitude of options, we select our favorites and post links to them on our Facebook and Twitter pages for your convenience.

Want to find new inspiration to improve your design skills? Check out “40 best free fonts for logo designing” and “35 fantastic photo retouching tutorials.” Other topic samples include expert tips for developing an employee handbook, free social media tools for classroom teachers, how much paper content is FSC certified, tips for writing magnetic headlines, and keys to effective nonprofit websites.

Find these resources and more at facebook.com/HowardPrintingInc and twitter.com/HPIvermont.


Sizing Tips for Your Trifold Panels

A trifold brochure is a popular format chosen by many graphic designers for its versatility. It can be printed on standard 8.5x11-inch paper, folded in thirds with a simple letter fold, and mailed in a conventional #10 letter-size envelope. (See illustrations of folding samples here on our website.)

A tricky part about designing a trifold brochure is correctly sizing the six panels (three on the outside of the trifold, and three on the inside). The panels cannot be the same width if they are to nest inside each other properly and fold evenly. Correct panel sizing is even more important if the fold line is designed to follow along the edge of a graphic element (e.g., a photo or block of color).

Normally, the end panel that folds in would be 1/32-inch to 1/8-inch narrower than the other two panels. See specific dimensions in our illustration below.

As a handy and convenient tool for your next trifold design project, we have set up a correctly sized trifold template that can be downloaded from our website. The template is available in three software formats: InDesign CS4, InDesign CS5, and Quark 8.

Visit the Templates page on our website to download the free template(s)!

Trifold panel sizing





Some "Down to Earth" Ideas to Share

If you’re looking for another good resource to help you sort through and understand some of the latest environmental issues and trends, we have a recommendation for you.

Down to Earth is an ongoing series of educational brochures focusing on environmental topics, such as paper sourcing, recyclability, carbon footprint, and certification labels.

For instance, the brochure entitled, “How do you fit in the recyclability equation?” describes the paper recycling process, starting with the supply chain and going through the steps of collecting, sorting, shredding, pulping, and de-inking.

Another brochure focuses on the topic, “Are pixels greener than paper” and raises interesting discussion points about energy consumption, disposability, and environmental balance when choosing between paper and electronic media.

Published by International Paper, the brochures are concise and well sourced. As statistics change, International Paper updates the material to keep it current and useful.

Founded in 1898, International Paper is a global paper and packaging company with headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee.

The Down to Earth brochures are available in both print and PDF format. For more info, please visit Down2EarthOnline.com.


Test Your Knowledge!

This quarter’s trivia question is:

What is the company, “Adobe Systems, Inc.” named after?

Please submit your answer via email (info@howardprintinginc.com) or fax (802-257-1453). The first 25 correct submissions we receive by December 15, 2010, will be entered into a drawing for one $25 prize. This quarter’s prize is a gift certificate to Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS) of Peterborough, NH, and online at www.ems.com. We look forward to receiving your submission! Thank you!

Answer to last quarter’s trivia question:In 1970, 23-year-old graduate student Gary Dean Anderson of UCLA designed what is now the universal recycling symbol as part of the national “Environment by Design” contest, which was sponsored by the Container Corporation of America in response to the first Earth Day. Anderson’s design was the winning entry.

Please note: Limit one submission per customer. May not be combined with any other discounts/offers. Maximum value of this offer is $25. No cash value; no cash or credit back. Other restrictions may apply.

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